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In addition to ensuring the safety of your mobile workforce, we also utilize the GridMeNow enterprise platform to provide real-time, in-transit visibility on your most valued assets. From Navy supply cargo to high-value purchases, Oakleaf clients are connected with their shipments 24/7, anywhere in the world. This is accomplished through the use of Flow Analysis of Assets and Transportation (FAST).

FAST models very large and complex supply chains. The COVID-19 pandemic single handedly disrupted 100% of the world’s leading supply chains and highlighted how absolutely vital it is supply chains not be just resilient but actually plan for uncertainty. COVID-19 demonstrated supply chains must be nimble and agile to overcome loss of segments of the global workforce or entire transportation fleets (think bans on international airlift) or entire global regions being offlimits – Far East and Europe.

COVID-19 has already changed how businesses must manage their supply chains. A survey by the “Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) reveals that more than 80 percent (of 628 respondents) believe their organization will experience some impact because of COVID-19 disruptions. Of those, one in six (16%) companies report adjusting revenue targets downward an average of 5.6 percent due to the coronavirus”. “The story the data tells is that companies are faced with a lengthy recovery to normal operations in the wake of the virus outbreak,” said Thomas W. Derry, Chief Executive Officer of ISM.

“For a majority of U.S. businesses, lead times have doubled, and that shortage is compounded by the shortage of air and ocean freight options to move product to the United States — even if they can get orders filled. And more than 44 percent of respondents do not have aplan in place to address supply disruption from China”.

COVID-19 is the latest, not the last, influencer on global supply chains. Having the right processes and solutions in place can provide organizations with the agility and nimbleness to withstand the next.

FAST is used to determine transportation requirements, develop and analyze alternative transportation courses of action, and project delivery timelines of supplies, and equipment. FAST tracks trucks, ships and aircraft, and provides delivery forecast schedules and manifests while simultaneously and continuously analyzing what-if scenarios (i.e., COVID-19).

FAST provides users with the ability to rapidly set up and customize a wide variety of transportation constraints based on port and transport resources and user-defined permissions. FAST is used to plan appropriate routes for equipment to include vehicles, general supplies and hazardous materials. When all three modes are considered, FAST provides well over 100 different constraints for logistics and operations planners to adjust and shape the transportation scenario to achieve significant realism with schedules accurate down to the minute.

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